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Hand-picked voiceover artists specialising in natural, conversational and upbeat reads.

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The traditional voice over agency, serving its mega-clients and blue chip corporations, has high overheads. A swanky London-based head office, a bunch of beautiful people on the payroll doing lunch, and one or two big mahogany meeting tables all adds up you know! But where does that leave the independent game developer looking for a video game voice actor; the freelance video animator searching for an affordable voice over network; or the exciting new e-learning start-up searching for a voice over agency that won't crucify their budget? How can you purchase that explainer video voice over, the narration for that Kickstarter campaign you've been planning and the voiceover for your training or language course without overspending through a voice over agency or wasting your time and energy on a 'budget option'? We're not all looking to hire a voice actor like Morgan Freeman, but at the same time we do want and expect professional results.


This is where FlyVoiceovers comes into its own. Voice over services are being delivered more and more frequently by voice artist professionals from their own professionally-built home-based studios from all corners of the globe. And we decided to forage for the best global voices and bring them all together under one online roof, to save you the time of trawling freelancer sites - while matching those kinds of prices.

No mahogany tables; just online worldwide voice talent and freelance voice over artists ready to go, at prices that you will feel comfortable with; not astounded by.

Fly VoiceOvers at Fly Prices


Welcome to FlyVoiceovers, your premier destination for exceptional voice over services. Whether you're seeking an American voice over artist, British voice over artist, or international voice over talents, we have you covered. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in a wide range of voice over services, including American voice overs, animation voiceover, audiobook narrators, and more.

Are you in need of captivating eLearning voiceovers to engage your audience? Look no further. Our eLearning voice over artists offer top-notch eLearning voice over demos, competitive eLearning voice over rates, and unbeatable eLearning voiceover talent. Explore our diverse pool of talents, from British male voice over artists; female British voice over artists all the way across the pond to US voiceover talent and more, and find the perfect voice for your project.


At FlyVoiceovers, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of voice over solutions. Our roster includes English-speaking voice over artists who excel in various genres, from explainer video voiceovers to audiobook voiceovers. If you're searching for a professional British voice artist or an American voice over artist, you've come to the right place.


In the world of eLearning, our eLearning voice over talent shines. Our eLearning voiceover rates are competitive, ensuring you get the quality you deserve without breaking the bank. When you partner with us for your eLearning voice over needs, you gain access to an extensive network of eLearning voice over artists who can bring your content to life.

Experience the difference with FlyVoiceovers, the voice over agency trusted by clients worldwide. Whether you require a captivating American voiceover for your animation project or a soothing British voiceover for an audiobook, our team of professional voice over artists is at your service. Our British male voice over artists and British female voice artists are renowned for their versatility and expertise.


For elearning companies seeking the perfect voice, we offer top-tier elearning voiceovers. Our elearning voice over artists are skilled in delivering elearning commercial voiceovers that resonate with learners. With competitive elearning voice over rates and a commitment to excellence, we're your go-to source for elearning voiceover services.


FlyVoiceovers stands as your International Voice Over Services & Voice Over Agency, connecting clients with the finest voice over talents from around the globe. Whether you need UK voice over artists or US voice artists, our international roster is diverse and ready to meet your needs. Our English-speaking voice over artists are experienced in providing exceptional voiceovers for explainer videos, ensuring your message is delivered with clarity and impact.


When it comes to elearning voice over solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the most skilled elearning voice over artists in the industry. Our elearning voiceover rates are competitive, making it easy for elearning companies to access high-quality voiceover talent for their projects.

FlyVoiceovers - International Voice Over Services & Voice Over Agency Logo

How Does it Work?


Our voice talents are the some of the finest you'll find online and all work at fees that are fair and appropriate for both themselves and you, the buyer. Find the voice that suits your project based on language, accent, and style. Or ask us to do the ground work. If you have to find a voiceover suitable to a specific type of character or exact requirements, drop us a line and we'll offer up our finest example.

Once you’ve found the voice over artist you want, drop us a line with as much guidance as possible, an idea of your ideal spend and a bullet proof script, and we’ll give you a price and a turnaround time depending on the voice over’s availability. On smaller jobs, we aim for a 24 hour turnaround wherever possible. With so many freelance voice overs with varying commitments, this may not always be possible, but we’ll do our utmost.

Once the voice over recording is done, it’ll be sent over to you in the audio format that you requested. We always encourage a proofed and finalised script, but we will provide you with those client-led revisions at a minimal fee, should you or your client have a sudden mind change on the script. If you’re 100% on your script, however, you’re good to go and we’d always fix any errors on our part for free.

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