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التعليق الصوتي بالعربية

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Nearly 300 million people speak Arabic as their native language, from Africa and across the Middle East, and it's a language becoming more frequently used in western countries too; so it's important to communicate with people in a way that they feel comfortable. Here, you can hire Arabic voice-overs to get your message across to that vast world of individuals waiting to hear from you!


A fresh and expressive sound from Palestine with the ability of producing error free Arabic voice-overs grammatically.

Inside Info:

"I also can speak fluent Egyptian, Lebanese, and Arabian Gulf varieties of Arabic."

Arwa - Female Arabic Voiceover
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Arwa - Female English Arabic Accent Voiceover
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Mahmoud is a clear arabic Palestinian voice-over with a gentle warmth about his style.

Inside Info:

"I have a reputation for being faultless!"

Mahmoud - Male Arabic Voiceover
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Mahmoud - Male English Arabic Accent Voiceover
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