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There are nearly 1.5 BILLION people in China. That's a lot of people. More than you could count on your fingers and your toes. So if you have a product, an app, a game - then you need the services of these wonderful Chinese voice-overs below, who can help you get your message out to that 20% of the world's population who speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Buy a Cantonese voice-over, or indeed buy a Mandarin voice-over, today.


A fresh male Mandarin and Simplified Chinese voice over offering a range of possibilities from corporate work to fun characters .

Inside Info:

"Hi, I’m Henry, a professional translator and freelance voice artist with years of experience. I can voice commercials, narrations, e-learning, documentaries, and more. My aim is to deliver perfect voiceover for you."

Henry - Commercial
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Henry - E-Learning
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Henry - Character sample
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A warm, gentle, clear, caring, mature female Mandarin and Simplified Chinese voice over.


Inside Info:

"I've recorded voice overs for many large international corporations such as Philips, Fenner, Disney, Pfleiderer and Pepsi-Cola"

Alice - Chinese Mandarin Female Commercial Voice Over
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Alice - Chinese Mandarin Narration
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An all-round Cantonese voice over who can achieve many different styles and set many different moods.


Inside Info:

"I'm a great producer and enjoy piecing together audio"

Anson - Chinese Cantonese Voiceover
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Anson - English With Chinese Accent
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