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The Japanese people cherish respect and honor above all else. They are also a precise people who value efficiency and style. Bring a touch of the land of the rising sun to your business model and buy a Japanese voiceover. The benefits are numerous as they are pacesetters in the Asian subcontinent and your business will receive the respect and honorable standing it deserves with the Japanese language espousing your products and services.

June has a versatile and warm voice and can voice any age from 0-90. As well as voice a young Japanese boy!

June - Japanese Narration
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June - Japanese Commercial
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June - Japanese Characters
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Koji is perfect for your Japanese voice-over, while his calming sound is widely-used on multimedia projects, he can crank it up as your Japanese video game character, too. 

Inside Info:

"I am also a musician and can sing for you in Japanese!"

Koji - Male Japanese Voiceover
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Koji - Male English Japanese Accent Voiceover
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Yoshi is a Japanese voice over artist who has had a varied voice over career covering many genres. He is particularly keen on elearning and commercial work.

Yoshi - Japanese Commercial Voiceover
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