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The voice over you choose for your product video is as vital as the product itself.

We see quite a few disastrous explainer videos on our travels - funnily enough, it's not often down to the animator or the animation itself; fault frequently lies with the choice of the voice over involved. A bad choice on the VO front can annihilate all your hard work and actually detract from the quality impression that you are trying to communicate and ultimately the product itself. If your choice of voice over is wrong, you'll have messed up - so it's important you get it right.

We figured a great way for our clients to compare the natural, conversational voice over sound that our international voice talents have to offer, was to ask them (very nicely) to voice exactly the same script. We put together a very simple explainer video, synced them all up and now you can "meet Bob" to within an inch of your lives! Click on the image to launch the video gallery...

An explainer video that all of our voice over artists are going to voice.

This also acts as a nice demonstration showing you that a charismatic VO can bring life to even the most simplistic of videos. Don't forget that the voice over you choose for your product video is as vital as the product itself!

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