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The Importance of Choosing The Best Voice Over Artists For Your Explainer Videos

Marketing and advertising has evolved so much over the years and explainer videos are front and centre in today’s world of digital marketing. Explainer videos are very important because regardless of your target audience, be it a teenager or a business executive, you need to pass your message across in the shortest most engaging way possible because attention spans are low and time is too valuable. These short animated explainer videos have become the new age solution to brand, product and service advertising online.

Explainer videos to increase sales

Perhaps most important aspect of setting up explainer videos is the voice over. When you’ve got your animated video created and it’s looking all great, it still doesn’t speak to the audience until you add voice, not just any voice but the right voice. Your choice of voice over is critical if you want to strike the right chords in your audience. Almost as important as the message you are trying to pass across is the person that brings the message. There is a whole science to this.

Here are the most important things to consider in your selection of voice over artists for your explainer videos:

  1. Hire Professionals: While it is tempting to wonder why you have to pay someone to voice your scripts, you need to understand that if you want to compete favorably, you have to get in line with the best practices. Voice overs are a professional service and you will be doing your brand a world of good to hire a professional. Professional voice over artists have mastered the art of speaking to your audience in a manner that they can connect and identify with. Professionals that know when to pause for effect, vary pitch and timbre at just the right moment. When everything comes together nicely, you will have triggered specific emotions in your audience as it relates to your video. You want to get a voice over that exudes confidence, connects with the audience on a personal level and is convincing enough.

  2. Use a voice over that matches your content and connects with your audience: There are a lot of factors to consider here such as accent, gender, and the general tone and feel of voice. Your voice over must be in line with your product and what your audience expects to hear. Viewers can quite easily get bored when they don’t like what they hear and in the same light you can have a viewer’s rapt attention simply because they like what they hear. So you have to ask yourself various questions, will it be a male or a female voice? Do you want it deep and sage like or do you want a cheerful and bright voice? Do you want it light and playful or do you want a more serious voice over? The answers to these questions will depend entirely on your content and your target audience and will make all the difference.

At Fly Voice overs, we have a team of professional voice artists, male and female, with a variety of accents and nationalities that can cater to whatever specific needs you might have. We are passionate about bringing life to your videos and ensuring that they make the best possible impressions in the minds of your audience. Have a look at some of our demo recordings and videos and you can rest easy that you have come to the right place.

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