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Different Voice Over Styles For Your Next Project.

Voice over styles are aplenty and it is very important to understand the effect you wish to have on your audience before deciding on which style to implement. It can be tempting to wonder what exactly voice over actors and voice over services offer and why you have to pay for these services but you need to understand that there is a reason we have the voice over industry. There is a lot of value to be gotten from using a professional voice over service like ours and if you're reading this post it is pretty obvious you are interested or aware of that value.

Communication is an art and there are so many subtleties that determine the level of connection you make with your audience. Speech is perhaps the most persuasive tool a marketer can use to push his product and there is a need to adapt every voice over to suit peculiar needs. These are a few of the most popular voice over styles:

1. Narration.

Here, the role of the voice actor is basically to tell a story. The narrator is like the voice that guides the listener on the journey of discovery and understanding of whatever message you want to pass across. Typically there is a video possibly with real life characters or animation/text over which the voice speaks. Choice of voice actor here will also depend on your specific audience because you have to put things like accent, gender and tone into consideration.

2. Instruction.

This is the route to go when you have an educational or e-learning video or course where you want to transfer knowledge. It could be a corporate training video, a guide or how to, or just any e-learning or online course. The goal of the voice actor here is to pass across the message in a very clear and didactic voice.

3. Character.

This falls mostly under animations and cartoons where voice actors must speak in a very specific way to give life to animated characters, toys and stories. This style of voice over is often employed in narrations in children’s books, cartoons, video games and so on.

4. Radio and TV Commercials.

Depending on the product or service being advertised and also on the medium used, voice over artists can adopt a number of methods to bring life to your radio and TV commercials. Also sometimes referred to announcers, voice over in this category can be used to introduce, explain and place a call for action for your product or service.

The list of voice over styles mentioned above is by no means exhaustive. There are so many different categories and styles which a professional voice over artist or agency can implement and we at Flyvoiceovers are proud to be working with a group of professional voice actors that cut across gender and nationalities who are well versed and versatile in what they do and we can help you achieve the desired effects in your target audience.

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