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Writing a Killer Voice Over Script

Writing a voice over script is a lot more complicated than you would ordinarily expect. This kind of writing is completely different from the traditional essay or article writing. Why? Because you aren’t writing for the eyes of a silent reader but you are writing for the ears. Your script will be voiced by a professional voice over artist and will be listened to by the viewers.

There are a few tips you can infuse into your writing to create the best voice over scripts for your next project such as the one in the video below. There is no one way fits all but you can stick to some core guidelines and hit the right notes.

Be Informal.

When you are writing scripts, you have to remember that your information will be passed in audio/video format so you don’t want to bore your listeners with overly technical jargon and lengthy pieces. All you need do is write like you speak and you're good. Also try to avoid rambling on and on about the subject. You have to go straight to the point as listeners attention spans can be quite limited.

Be Consistent.

One of the best way to be consistent with voice over scripts is to have a single writer come up with the content. Often times when two or more writers create voice over content, there is a risk of writing in multiple voices. Even with a single writer, care needs to be taken to avoid switching up any of tone, style or contractions. You can use the services of an editor to proofread your script and point out any inconsistencies.

Integrate Silences and Pauses into the Script.

When people get new information, they won’t be able to process every bit of what you say instantly so you need to give them this information in bits and chunks that they can easily digest before moving on. This you can achieve with silences and pauses and you need to put this in mind when writing your scripts. Use whatever symbol or means you are comfortable with to indicate these pauses or breaks so the voice over artists can take note when voicing.

Keep these few tips in mind when preparing your voice over scripts and you are on the right track to connecting with the minds of your audience.

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