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Small Home Based Voice-over Companies Are The New Trend.

Voice over services are perhaps most sought out by advertising companies. These companies use different kinds of services to meet their advertising demands. Various sound recording companies offer services such as commercial productions, audio post productions and the likes.

As employers and clients continually look for ways to cut down on advertising cost, there has been a gradual shift in the voice over industry from the very big players with all the offices and infrastructure to smaller home based studios who can afford to bill less and deliver on quality.

This shift is as a result of clients trying to fit into their smaller budgets, faster delivery time and one on one collaboration with the voice over artist. Al of this is on the table when you deal with an agency such as Flyvoiceover.

According to the IBSWorld Industry report (51224), only about 8% of all the audio production studios in the US are fully dedicated to commercial spot productions from August 2012 till now. This points to the fact that a huge chunk of voiceovers and audio recordings and processing are carried out by professional and independent owners who operate smaller home-based studios.

Change is the only constant thing in life and this shift in the advertising industry is no surprise as clients and service providers are doing what is necessary to remain relevant in the fast paced 21st century.

This is why Flyvoiceovers has positioned itself with professional voice over artists from all around the world with home based studios all working under one umbrella and thus eliminating overhead costs which makes it possible for us to deliver quality voice over services at affordable rates.

We are dedicated to offering the best services with all of the variety that cuts across accent, nationalities, gender and age so that you will be getting a wide range of options to choose from for your next project.

Do business with us today and let our work do all the talking.

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