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Professional Voice Actors for Video Games

Okay, so we talk a lot about explainer videos and eLearning voice overs and narration and plenty of other sedate VO work... but sometimes our voice over artists like to LET RIP!

Here at FlyVoiceovers we have been building a small bank of incredibly versatile voice actors capable of voicing anything you throw their way. And we mean anything. And don't forget, these aren't untouchable Hollywood Pixar types... yet! These guys are voicing games from their own home studios, keeping costs to a minimum.

Our own Sean and Rosko have been making a name for themselves in gaming circles of late and the pair of them had the privilege, through a FlyVoiceovers booking, of voicing characters in the same game - they even fight each other!

Tower Crush has become a massive hit, having been downloaded by the million as our lads voice a number of the tower warlords.

Tower Crush is an epic tower defense game where you build a tower and laden it with Machine Guns, Cannons, Flame Guns, Rocket Launchers, Lasers, and Mighty Teslas to help defend your tower from the other tower. And it gets messy!

So remember, we don't just do the placid stuff, we've got all the best voice over services, from audiobook narrator to, well.. rock monster!

Tower Crush by Impossible Apps is out now on iOS and Android for free!

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