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Hit The Mark on Your Kickstarter Crowd Funding With Professional Voice Overs

voice overs for kickstarter and crowdfunding

In previous posts, we have talked about how versatile our voice overs are and how well they can be adapted for different kinds of projects. E-learning and explainer video voice overs are indeed very popular but so many crowdfunding campaigns on websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder and Crowdcube are now using voice over services to bring more life to their pitch… and with great success.

Have a look at this project, The City of Kings. This was voiced by our very own Rosko. The target was set at $28,500 but it went on to smash it to smithereens by raising a whopping $283,000.

Why? Simple. The message was clear and it connected with the audience and people felt: “okay, I think I’d like to see this happen.” This is the only way you can convince people you don’t know, and who don’t know you, to fund your project. Your message has to be clear and it must connect.

Our voice overs help you to achieve this clarity and help you connect better with the audience by telling the story in the most captivating way. Now, we know as well as you that the success of your fundraising is not all down to voiceovers - you're gonna need a pretty good product too (!) But there is no doubt that a cracking voice over elevates your pitch to a whole new level.

A couple of other examples of Kickstarters that went on to smash their target with the help of our voice overs are:

Waffle Watch. Target: $30,000. Voice Over by Peter. Actually raised $90,000. SMASHED IT

Zweihander. Target: $7,000. Voice Over by Rosko. Actually raised $62,000. SMASHED IT

Kim. Target: $5,000. Voice Over by Rosko. Actually raised $5,303. JUUUST KINDA SMASHED IT

Every project is unique and the nature of the content determines the style in which the stories are narrated, concepts explained or characters voiced. This is why you need to get professional voice actors on your team. And who better to help you with this than the brilliant men and women of Flyvoiceovers.

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