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The Best Voice over Actors: A Marriage of Skill and Talent.

By definition, a skill is picked up or learned and talent is inherent or inborn. People are born with very many different talents and some are lucky to get to harness that talent properly and make something out of it. Skill however is free for all who want to pick it up. Talent doesn't mean anything if the person is not ready to work hard to acquire the skills necessary to develop that talent, thus talent is overrated.

In the world of voice over, as with any other industry, talent alone cannot get you to become the best voice talent. You need a marriage of talent and skill to become the very best voice talent. Even if you feel you don’t have the talent, some persistence, motivation and training can get you there.

There is no voice talent in the world today that will tell you he or she was born with the perfect voice for voice overs. Even legends in the field such as Don LaFontaine and June Foray only became the success that they are in the industry after many years of practice working with radio, movies and television. Morgan Freeman whom we all know to have the most recognizable voice in the world today cannot claim to have been born with all the talent.

You cannot thrive in the voice over industry by talent alone. To become one of the best voice over actors you need to go beyond just your great voice, you need to be skilled at what you do as well. There is a lot of things involved in voice over. It is a science and an art at the same time. There are manipulations in tone, pace, approach, pitch and all that kind of stuff. You need to be able to make voices in the way that it connects best with the target audience, you need to be able to sound credible and believable when needed and you need to be able to role play. These are not things that anybody is born with but with training, practice and experience, you can become these things.

Now, if you are just looking to hire the best voice over talents and not looking to become one yourself, all that has been mentioned might not necessarily apply to you. However, here at Flyvoiceovers, we have a collection of voice talents that have been able to successfully marry their talent with skill and are capable of delivering the best voices for your projects. Handpicked, dedicated, and excellent at what they do. We are here to serve you in the best possible way. Try us today.

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