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Portfolio Series: Rosko in ‘Oh…Sir: Insult the Simulator’ and the Sequel ‘Oh…Sir: The Hollywood Roas

In previous posts, we have talked about some of the projects that our best voice over artists have worked on and the hits we have helped create in various product and service advertisements. It is time now, for us to make this a regular thing so that you can see some of the awesome work we have put out there, how far we have come and how far we are going.

So guys, welcome to our all new portfolio series and we are glad to present our very own Rosko Lewis and his work in the hit sensation ‘Oh…Sir: Insult the Simulator’ and its sequel ‘Oh…Sir: The Hollywood Roast. Rosko played Albert, Mrs. Maggie and Sir Knight in the original and then The Greasy Wizard in the sequel.

Albert was a later addition in the recent update and you’ll be surprised to see how much muck he slings at you. Nothing is guaranteed in this game. Sometimes, on your very good days, you get to put together a string of insults that could floor a buffalo and other times…well…let’s just say you can’t win it all.

The game went on to be a massive hit amongst fans and we have some of the biggest gaming YouTubers (Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier) making videos playing it. They all had a good laugh playing it as you will see in the videos.

We hope you like what you’ve seen and if you are looking for funny British voice overs like this one, get in touch with us immediately and we can discuss your project. If you want something different, we also have a team of voice over artists from different nationalities that can give you a more global service that suits your needs. Let’s help you go viral.

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