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Professional US voice over artist, Nelson in 'The Mashu' advert.

At Flyvoiceover, we pride ourselves in the quality of our voice over artists. The whole is as strong as the individual components so we make sure to have the best voice talents ready to work on your projects.

One of our excellent US voice over artists, Nelson, got his first narration gig with us in The Mashu advert and it turned out really nicely. Of course Nelson went on to voice a few other projects which we will be mentioning in other editions of our weekly blogposts but for now, have a look at this one and see for yourself.

Nelson did a fantastic job with this video as he was able to narrate the script in a tone and level of voice that resonates with the audience. A seamless blend with the subject matter and a little pause here and there for optimum effect in the ears and minds of the viewer. The end product was terrific and it was an excellent choice to have Nelson do the voice over for this video.

If you’d like to hire professional voice over artists like Nelson for your next project, get in touch with us and we will set you up with the best and most suitable voice talent for your needs.

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