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Flyvoiceover Profiles Updates

As part of our efforts to improve service delivery, we have made a few little tweaks in the way we present our voice artists from all over the world for you to choose from. We have aggregated related content for every artist into their own individual areas where you can easily see on first glance, their avatars, a short description of their style and a quick one or two liner about a special voice over skill they have. Also we have embedded samples of their voices in real voice over samples where you can preview and hear for yourself what they sound like.

We also included our own ‘Meet Bob’ video voice over sample where all of the voice over artists voice the very same script and this will help you make comparisons as you deem fit between different artists in the same category.

Here is an example with one of our North American voice talents and as you can see there, you have his avatar, the short description and a little bit of inside info. Also embedded in the profile view are two sample voice recordings and his ‘Meet Bob’ voice over.

All of this is in a bid to bring some nice consistency to the site and make it that much easier for you to use and navigate. Get in touch with us today at Flyvoiceovers for access to the best voice talents to deliver the best voice overs for all your projects.

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