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Portfolio Series: Meet Our Soft Spoken British Voice over Artist, Laura

It is our mission at Flyvoiceover to satisfy whatever needs you might have when it comes to voices so we have voice over artists from all over the globe that cut across different accents, gender and age.

Meet Laura, one of our very own British female voice over artists.

She has executed a number of projects with us and her soft spoken British accent coupled with her laid back and natural flow makes her an excellent choice for many explainer videos and marketing videos. She did an excellent job voicing for a company called Platform50 and the final product turned out very well as you will see in the video below.

She was able to voice this brand advertisement in a manner that it connected the right way with the intended audience. Her voice was crystal clear with no sudden change in tone, pitch or pace. This way anybody listening and watching is held at a relatively stable frame of mind throughout the video and is able to get the message that is being passed across. This is why she was a very good fit for this voice over.

Voice over projects come in very diverse forms and often times, needs and requirements vary in many different ways. Sometimes subtle, other times not so subtle. This is why we like to have a cross section of individuals with different voices and different styles to better meet any specific need you present. Wouldn't you rather voice with us?

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