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Portfolio Series: Peter in POMO Waffle Smartwatch Kickstarter Campaign

Hi, welcome to yet another piece in our portfolio series and today we have Peter, one of our US Male Voice over artist starring in the Kickstarter campaign video for the POMO Waffle Smartwatch for kids.

As you very well know, for any kind of marketing campaign, every element in the presentation of the product must come together in beautiful harmony and appeal directly to the target market for it to have any real impact. This is exactly the case also for Kickstarter campaigns and Peter was able to do a very excellent job in voicing the campaign video in a manner that it relates properly to potential investors and also presents the product in its best light for the targeted consumers…in this case the parents and kids.

We at Flyvoiceovers pride ourselves in the quality of our voice over services and we have consistently helped various other Kickstarter campaigns like this one smash its set targets. Of course we can’t take credit for all of the success but we are confident that our professional voice over services bring a lot of flavor to the table.

Book a gig with us today and see/listen for yourself.

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