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Introduction to Video Game Voice Overs

There are so many aspects to a video game voice over and so many nuances that you may not recognize unless you are an avid player of these games yourself. In an effort to voice the characters, the intro scenes and various other scenes, it is crucial to really understand the gaming culture.

The voice overs required for video games vary depending on the specific need for voicing. It can range from character voicing to storytelling and even marketing pitches for Kickstarter campaigns or traditional advertising. At flyvoiceovers we have worked on a couple of successful video games and we can say that we have an appreciation of what it takes to execute an excellent video game voice over.

A lot of experimentation and creativity goes into video game voice overs and there is an obligation on the part of the voice actor to stick to the culture that the game creators want to establish. Names have to be pronounced just right, accents have to align and overall you just want to respect the game creators’ wishes and deliver an experience worthwhile to the gamers.

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