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Male or Female Voice Over?

It is widely believed that female voice overs are the preferred choice when it comes to explainer videos, brand and marketing videos and general narration voice overs. It is almost certain that the guys at Apple and Microsoft used survey data before deciding on a female voice for the Siri and Cortana voice assistants respectively.

All of this is well and fine but the truth is, there is no one voice suits all when it comes to voice overs. There are instances when you require an authoritative or otherwise ‘manly’ feel to your videos and a male voice talent is needed. There are also instances when you want to go for a more trustworthy and friendly tone which female voice talents can easily produce for you. (Not saying the men folk aren’t trustworthy though…)

We can’t argue with the soothing and nurturing sounds of the female voice talent and that is perhaps the reason why they are so popular. What we can guarantee you is that whatever your preference, male or female, we got you covered here at Flyvoiceover.

Book a gig with us today and select from our pool of voice over professionals.

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