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Don't Do It Yourself

Updated: Mar 25

Should you voice your own project? The short answer is “Probably not.” We've talked before about the benefits of investing in a professional voiceover, but let's get into it a little more. The primary excuse people use for why they feel they can just do the project themselves is because it will save them money. In that other post, we talk about how this is only a short-term savings, and how ultimately it can cost you potential revenue. Which is true, and one of the biggest reasons why you should not do it yourself.

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Audiobooks is one of the biggest areas where folks will try to cut corners and do it themselves, because those can become rather costly. But think about it: would you be willing to spend money on an audiobook if the sample clip sounded bad? A subpar performance could also result in a lot of bad reviews, dissuading others from purchasing it. So are you really saving money if your choices end up preventing you from getting sales? Audiobooks are incredibly time-consuming to record and edit, so you also have to consider how you value your own time. What other work did you miss out on by taking on the audiobook yourself, and how much is it now costing you to have lost that?

Your time isn't free, and any bit of voiceover work takes time. So if cost truly is the motivating factor, honestly consider what it costs for you to spend time doing something that takes you away from your other work. Even if it's not taking away from your actual work hours, do you really want to use up your free time doing even more work?

Think of it as you would any project, be it remodelling your home or office, getting your car repaired, replacing your furnace, etc. Sure, you could try to do all of these things yourself, but most often it's probably best to hire a professional. In many cases you might not even have the know-how and skill set required to get the job done right, and it's better not to risk it. But even if you think you could do it well enough, you might not really have the time or energy to dedicate to the project.

Voiceover work is no different. You could risk doing a shoddy job of it yourself, or hire someone who's a pro at a it and will definitely get it done right. And even if you think you're a natural at it, or maybe even have some training yourself, you also just might not have the time to dedicate to the project. Or maybe you're also not even the right voice you need for the project, anyway. Which is another benefit to hiring a pro: ensuring you get the right voice. Agents and services like FlyVoiceovers can help you find the right fit for any project, and may even be able to help you find professionals to accommodate for various languages, if you have multiple target markets internationally.

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