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Easily Search Talent

Finding the right talent can sometimes feel like a chore, scrolling through lists and scanning over profiles, listening to demo after demo... FlyVoiceovers is working to simplify that process, with an updated search system that allows for clients to jump right to the specific style they're looking for.

Put a keyword into the search bar, such as “youthful,” and either hit “enter” on the keyboard or narrow down the search further via the drop-down menus before selecting “Filter Results.” If no results pop up, either try making the drop-down options more broad or use a different word in the search bar (like if you're looking for a child voice, you could try different options like “child,” “kid,” and “young”). If there are still no results for what you need, feel free to contact us for recommendations based on your requirements.

What makes this new system even better is that the talent themselves are now able to personally update their profiles to keep things fresh and current. We've also asked that they add key descriptive words for their voices, as well as any specific impressions or character styles they're skilled at. What you see in the search results are like little snapshots of their profile, so click “View Artist” on it in order to visit their full profile. That way you can see a more detailed description of their abilities, as well as potentially access more demos.

This is still new, and the talent are still in the process of updating their profiles, but we hope that this will become a useful tool for all moving forward.

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