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Have I Heard You In Anything?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Anytime I meet someone new and they find out what I do, I typically get one or more of the following questions: What's that? Have I heard you in anything? How did you get into something like that? So here, now, I'm going to smush those first two questions together and answer them both at once. We'll maybe get into the last one another time. What is voice acting, and have you heard me in something before?

Well, voice acting is when an actor's voice is used for something (seems pretty self-explanatory right there in the name, yeah?). While a lot of people only think of the obvious things like animation, video games, and ads, it's actually found kinda everywhere. Riding a train and a pre-recorded voice comes over the speakers announcing each stop? Voice actor. Make a call to a company and get an automated system walking you through different options? Yup, voice actor. That's actually called telephony, and is a whole genre of voice acting! You'll find voice actors in those employee training courses at your company, or in the language courses you listen to on your way to work, and the audiobooks you power through during workouts. We give you bite-sized info in explainer videos online and walk you through lengthy e-learning courses. And did you know there's a whole type of voice acting also dedicated to being background conversations in movies? Really!

So have you heard me in anything? I genuinely don't know, because I don't know where you go, what you do, what you've heard. You could have heard me in so many different places, just like you hear a LOT of voice actors. We're everywhere, voicing all kinds of things, and it's just become so commonplace for you that you don't even realize it. So next time you hear a voice in something—anything—just keep in mind that's the product of a real live person standing behind a microphone, doing their job. Who knows, maybe you've heard me or some of the others here at FlyVoiceovers in something without even realizing it! We're an experienced talent pool that's done just about every kind of voice acting, so it's honestly a pretty good bet.

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