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Move Over Google!

So, make no bones about it, the old website was a bit rubbish when it came to locating the perfect voice over... all that time wasted clicking through reams of digital pages.

Yeah, we can laugh about it now because thankfully it's all changed!

Now we have the fanciest of search functions that makes Google look like a dusty old dictionary... okay, maybe that's going too far. But it is good!

So, first up, our voice over artists are now in charge of their own profiles so they will keep their bios and write-ups bang up-to-date and ship-shape with all their latest reels and info - and all that info is rich in keywords relevant to their voice style, accent, alt languages, vocal tone; which is all searchable. So if one of our FlyVOs has a hidden speciality like... I dunno... they can do the most incredible impression of a talking ham sandwich - then the many thousands of creatives around the world looking for such a useful skill will find it at the stroke of a keyboard! Good, eh? It's almost like we're doing something that we should have done right at the very beginning! No... wait...

Not only that, but you can browse via all the obvious criteria and if you browse via 'demo' under 'English in my accent' you'll hear every VO that we have who can record fluently in English but are not necessarily native to an English speaking country, for all those gorgeous global accents!

So check it out - go to www.flyvoiceovers.com and hit the 'Choose a Voice Over' button as soon as is humanly possible!

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