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The Growth of Voice in the Digital Age

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The digital age is well and truly underway, and devices rule supreme. Did you know that in Japan, songs are now being released by digital singers? Yep... They even have their own holograms to perform live! Check this concert out:

Virtual Youtubers (called “VL”) are also now a popular form of entertainment. They even - kind of - break the fourth wall by having collaborations with actual human YouTubers:

AI virtual asssitants like Siri and Alexa make everyday tasks done faster. If you feel a little lonely, maybe you’d even want to chat with them a little.

While digital voice reigns in the field of robotics and telecommunications (and slowly in entertainment), some people still prefer using human voices. Human voices can convey more emotion in their tone of voice, and are more authentic. provides you with a range of voice actors with diversity and dynamics for all kinds of projects. Get in touch with us now and find the most suitable voice talents here.

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