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The Importance of Voice in eLearning

eLearning is booming. Classrooms and training sessions are embracing a digital approach to fit around the student or employees 'every day' and cut real world costs. While eLearning is applied through work trainings more often, online classes aren’t practiced as much – not until the recent COVID-19 pandemic started.

What’s tricky about eLearning though is how you get the student or employee to fully engage in it. This is where voice comes in. Studies show that the brain leans towards female voices more than male voices because of how relaxing women sound. On the other hand, male voices have an authoritative tone.

That’s why choosing the perfect voice becomes an integral part in eLearning projects. The right tone of voice makes your projects more attractive and compelling to your listeners. And if you’re struggling to find good voices for your projects, has you covered. Housing the best voice talents to serve your every need, you get the best value for every buck you spend.

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