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Voicing from Home

As I take a break from doing some construction to my home studio, I thought maybe I'd write about the fact I have a home studio. Or, really, that all of the talent on FlyVoiceovers' roster has the ability to record from home. The way that the voice acting industry is nowadays, a growing number of jobs can be done remotely from the talent's home. Things are to the point where it has become vital for talent to have a means of handling all recording aspects themselves, actually.

There's several benefits to this, for both the clients and the talent. For one thing, there's no need to rent studio space, so yay for savings. Talents also have the ability to work on more projects by saving time not having to commute to and from studios. More availability means less worry that your favorite talent will be too booked to take on your new project.

Plus, not that anyone could have predicted a pandemic, but being able to record from home means no loss of productivity during a lockdown. Everyone can stay home and stay safe, and the explainer videos, advertisements, elearning, and even character work like for video games can all still be created without any snags at all. Clients can still direct remotely, if they need to for that project. There are a multitude of programs which allow for easy patching in, from things specifically geared towards this like Source-Connect, or even just using Skype to listen in (so long as the listeners are muted during recording).

All this being said, not all voice talent have the means and know-how to produce recordings themselves from home (they should, but that doesn't mean they do). Whether it's because they skimped on the necessary equipment, or because they haven't properly dealt with their acoustics, their recordings are—unfortunately—not up to snuff. This is one of the issues clients can encounter when soliciting auditions on one of those big talent database sites that I talked about in the last blog post. Even with many agencies, it's not always a requirement of theirs to ensure their talent has the proper home setup. But due to the very nature of FlyVoiceovers (specifically, being an international pool of talent available for clients of any country), all of the talent absolutely has to have such capabilities. Even as I do construction on my home studio, I still have another station set up in my house to handle any assignments, because my job depends on me being able to produce top quality recordings whenever the client needs it.

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