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Your Personality Becomes Your Voice

There is an interesting animated series airing at the moment titled "Wave, Listen to Me", and it's the story of Minare Koda, an employee at a curry restaurant who was unexpectedly discovered by a radio station manager at a bar. She was drunk and was letting out her frustrations towards an ex who 'borrowed' 500,000 yen from her.

Her frustrations were recorded (with permission, don't worry!), and was broadcasted on radio the next day. In an instant, she became a celebrity over the Internet, and Minare's unexpected journey to becoming a radio personality then began.

Currently on two episodes, "Wave, Listen to Me" tells us viewers that personality is an important factor in creating your own voice. It's what makes your voice unique. Think of it as the secret ingredient to your favorite dish!

At Flyvoiceovers, we have a roster of the finest voice actors with their very own unique personalities, perfect for all kinds of projects. Get in touch with us now and we can guarantee you'll find your very own Minare Koda here! (Oh, and give the series a watch, it's going great so far!)

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