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The Spanish language is one of the most exported languages and is spoken among a variety of different peoples and cultures. Many other languages have their roots set in Spanish and therefore choosing a voiceover in Spanish is going to get the attention of a larger audience beyond just, say, Spain. Spanish is light-hearted and can come across as buoyant and playful and if your idea is to communicate this lightheartedness to your potential customers, the Spanish accent could be just what you need.


Susana has a warm, natural and expressive voice with clear diction and a perfect Castilian accent. She can also perform Spanish with a neutral South American accent.

Inside Info:

"I move from Castilian to South American Spanish accent with ease as both are mother tongues to me."

Susana - Female Spanish Castilian Voiceover
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Susana - Female English Spanish Accent Voiceover
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Susana - Female Spanish Character Voiceover
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Joanna our female European Spanish voiceover and dubbing actress is fluent in English as a second language. iitelligent and sincere, maintaining a fine balance between elegance and sensuality.

Inside Info:

"Quality, timeliness and good collaboration is my motto."

Joanna - Spanish Commercial Voice Over
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Joanna - Spanish Corporate Voice Over
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Joanna - English with Spanish Accet Corporate Voice Over
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Pablo is baritone, rich in harmonics. Age range: 20s-40s. Flawless pronunciation.



Spain's former president of the government, José María Aznar.

Pablo - TV Spot
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Pablo - Elearning
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Pablo - Character
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Pablo - Documentary
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Pablo - Meet Bob
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I can perform very different voices according to your project needs: teenager, adult, serious, informal, elegant, funny with an age range of 15-40!

Inside Info:

"I can enhance your audiovisual project!"

Dani - Male Spanish Commercial Voiceover
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Sonia has great experience, She has been an announcer and actress of dubbing for 18 years, in which she has done all kinds of work: advertising for radio and television, corporate videos, audio guides, e-learning, voices for cartoons, video games ...and more!

Inside Info:

"My voice is versatile, generally soft and sweet although I can adapt it in a range of age from the 3 to 60 years old characters"

Sonia - Spanish Commercial Voice Over
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Sonia - Spanish Characters Voice Over
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Sonia - English with Spanish Accent
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