Thai Voice Overs

พากษ์ ไทย

Gorgeous banner photo credit: Harvey Enrile

Thailand is a one of the most popular tourist destinations and also their food is one of the most universally exported and accepted cuisines. Did we mention their massages and spa? What this all means is the country and their language is synonymous with having a good time and relaxation. And if this is the ambience you are looking to generate, you are in good hands going with a Thai voice-over and we are happy to serve you.


Roongsuree is a fresh, unique and energetic female Thai voiceover with a versatility to switch from a manga anime style cartoon character to a corportate voice-over or E-Learning project.

Roongsuree - Female Thai Voiceover
Roongsuree - Female English Thai Accent
Roongsuree - Female Thai Character Voiceover

Jantima has recorded 100s of pieces of audio for a variety of media projects, from professional and corporate work to cartoon characters!

Jantima - Female Thai Voiceover Commercial
Jantima - Female Thai Voiceover Elearning
Jantima - Female Thai Voiceover IVR