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TV, Radio & CommercialMark
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Audiobook & NarrationMark
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Explainers & AnimationsMark
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Natural & ConversationalMark
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Native Language


Native Accent

Yorkshire, Northern, Northern England

Other Languages


British Pathe, American Old style newsreader, Southern Hillbilly


A straight talking Yorkshireman, Marks voice has been described as warm, friendly and trustworthy. He can bring a down to earth, conversational read or dial it right up for an announcery sales read if required and is very easy to work with and to direct in live sessions over Zoom, Skype etc if required.
With a range of accents and character voices, Mark is a natural mimic and can offer his natural northern Yorkshire voice, a neutral British accent, cartoon characters, youthful, playful tones or deeper middle aged sounds for that added gravitas. Mark will provide whatever is required to make your audio pop and get the attention of your target audience.

Recording Set-Up

Home Sound Booth with AKG C214 Condenser mic and Synco D2 Shotgun MIc, Focusrite Scarlett Pre-Amp, Adobe Audition editing software

Friendly, Warm, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Casual