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Natural & ConversationalVictoria
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TV, Radio & CommercialVictoria
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Explainers & AnimationsVictoria
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Native Language


Native Accent

Northern, North West English, Lancashire

Other Languages


Northern, elderly Northern, very upper class characters with heightened British RP.


A classically trained actress, now working full-time in voiceover with over twenty years experience. My accent is native Lancashire, though this can be scaled back all the way to standard British RP depending on the project. My tone is very clear and warm with excellent diction. I have a friendly conversational style which has been described as genuine and trustworthy. As an actress, I also specialise in character work, with everything from an elderly working-class Northern lady to a Victorian upper-class lady being within my range.

Recording Set-Up

Soundproofed and treated room, Stellar X2 mic, Audient ID4, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (fanless), Sony Sound Forge Pro 13, Izotope RX7.

Clear, warm, natural, genuine, trustworthy.