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Nederlands, Dutch

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I'm an native Dutch voiceover with over 15+ years of experience. I can deliver many different tone of voice perfect for your projects. Commercials, e-learnings, audiobooks, character voices, etc. I am proud to tell you that I have many returning clients like Bol, HP, Microsoft, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Takeway, KPN, and many others.

I'm also the owner of iBeat Recording Studio and here I have all the equipment needed for audio and video productions. The combination of many years experience and good equipment lets me do my work efficiently.

I've a friendly, pleasant, enthusiastic, convincing and confident voice, perfect for your project(s) and look forward to working with you.

Recording Set-Up

Pearlman TM1, CAL Modified Soundcraft Ghost, Lynx Aurora Convertors, Antelope Wordclock, Voiceover booth

Friendly, pleasant, enthusiastic, confident