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Native Language


Native Accent

Parisian, International, Neutral

Other Languages


Videogame character, regional accent (parodic), sexy voices


Hi, I’m Cathy, a fully independent and experienced female voice over / narrator with a professionally equipped studio.

France native (from the beautiful region of “Loire”), I’m now based in the Canadian province of Quebec (which have 2 official languages: French and English).

I have a Parisian, standard, neutral, international French accent.

I record in French and in English with French accent (from France (specific “R”) or from North America (English with a French Canadian accent))

For the past 8 years, I recorded very diversified projects for clients all around the world: e-learning, interactive training, medical or technical training, app, explainer videos, app and videogame, scribing/animated/motion design/explainer videos, promotional, commercial/ad, product and service presentation, business and corporate, Internet radio/podcast/channels, jingle, TV and radio spot, tag lines, watermark, beat, liner, DJ drops, soft spoken/spoken liners for songs and composers, audio guide, events, IVR and phone system, voice identity / vocal signature, intro/outro/bumper, AI voice style, documentary, long form narration, creative project, etc.

Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is naturally expressive, medium to low tone, authentic, with an articulate & clear diction, easy to listen, captures attention.
Depending of the style of your project, my voice, which is versatile, can be confident, informative, warm and professional, with a touch of “elegance”, sensual and very sensual when needed.
I can express a broad and subtle range of affects, moods, personalities, temperaments or motivations.

I will be glad to voice your project!


Recording Set-Up

Private professional studio: isolated and acoustly treated vocal booth, Neumann TLM103D mic, touchscreen, PCs outside the booth

Versatile, clear diction, sensual, expressive, warm