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Native Language


Native Accent

A neutral English accent that is clear and easily understood by all.

Other Languages


Can do multiple ages - young boy, young girl, adult, old lady. Have done robot, alien, animation voicing as well for corporate videos.


A warm, soothing, professional voice that is clear, expressive and appealing. Voiceover available in both English and Mandarin. The English is a neutral accent that is in between British and American English. A neutral accent is easier to understand for audiences across the globe! However, if you still prefer more of an accent, this VO artist is versatile and can record in British and American accents as well.

If you're looking for a bilingual VO with the same voice in English and Mandarin, pick this VO. Her mandarin is a neutral Mandarin like the Beijing accent - clear and easy to understand. She has done numerous bilingual Interactive Voiceover Recordings for banks, telcos, as well as corporate videos. Armed with an acting diploma, this artist can also do expressive reads in character in both languages!

Recording Set-Up

HypeMic and iPad.

Warm, Versatile, Expressive, Professional, Clear