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Kei is a professionally trained, voice-over artist born and raised in Japan with home studio experience since 2014. JAPANESE NATIVE, beautiful Japan standard(neutral) accent.
Her voiceis providing voiceovers for web commercials, corporate messaging, e-learning, apps, on hold messages and more.
Also, my natural voice is versatile, warm, friendly, inviting, yet approachable, suitable for commercials and corporate videos. I can add energy and a sense of youthfulness if the script calls for it, too! Adds grace to the video with a soft, warm Japanese voice-over.
Genuine to Calming Versatile Voice; Warm, charming, executive, business, sultry, bright, sophisticated, authoritative, friendly, educational, storyteller, conversational, calming, believable, corporate, thoughtful, happy, playful, caring, announcer, knowledgeable, professional, interesting, confident, executive, informative, attractive, engaging or anything in between, I provide the voice that gets your message noticed. Corporate Business and commercials are some my specialties.
KEI has one ultimate ensure every client is a Happy Client And she is a voice actor available to help you and your business with all of your voice-over needs. Please listen to her demo and see (or hear) if her voice might work for your business needs!

Please contact me immediately as soon as you want a real Japanese sound. I will contribute to you ;-) Let's work together to make our clients happy♪
I am looking forward to working with you!

Recording Set-Up

・Microphone:audio-technica. AT2035 / apogee HypeMiC ・Computer & Software:Windows , Audacity , RX ・Equipment:Steinberg UR22

Friendly, Conversational, Softspoken, Sassy, Warm