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David G
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Native Language


Native Accent

Standard French, France, Parisian

Other Languages


No impressions. No specific characters. Just a wide variety of voices or simply my voice with acting skills.


I've worked as a professional male voice artist since 2016, my mother tongue is French (France) and I also offer performances in International English (i.e. English without a clear accent from a particular region) along with English & Swedish with a French accent.
I usually work on the 20 to 40 years old age range but can also provide ageless weird or funny voices!

Throughout the years I've worked on a variety of projects: video games, short film, corporate videos, explainer videos, radio/TV/Internet ads, documentaries, e-Learning, VR training narration, Podcasts, audio-guides, IVR, voicing different gods for a museum exhibition, and more.
Past clients range from famous fortune 500 companies to local SMEs, along with NGOs, international organizations and everything in between!

My favorite jobs are those where I get to play characters (whether I need to change my voice or not), which includes animation/films/games of course but also some commercials and informative content!
My voice is also well-suited to corporate jobs and serious projects that demand a reliable & inspiring yet warm and friendly delivery.

Recording Set-Up

Microphone AudioTechnica AT2020USB+, headphones Beyerdynamic DT250, DAW Cubase & Adobe Audition, sound-treated recording booth

inspiring, trustworthy, warm, professional, friendly