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Daniel V
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Daniel is an experienced and versatile Swedish voice actor who has a profound ability to catch the listener and reach the heart. His voice is kind and warm and appeals to the human nature. Whether you'd like a voice for your TVC, radio promo, IVR message system, Corporate video presentation or e-learning project, Daniel's voice blends in naturally and sits perfectly with the video content, music and audio material. Many clients describe Daniel's voice as unique, yet so natural and appealing. Daniel has a neutral Swedish accent that works in all kinds of settings and productions. With many years of experience both as a voice actor,, copywriter and audio engineer Daniel has a deep understanding of how to interpret the underlying meaning and fundamental purpose of a script, as well as adapting his voice in order to perfectly suit the content and intent of the production. Apart from his technical skillas and experience Daniel is very easy to cooperate with and is always open for and appreciates the client's suggestions and feedback. His main goal in every situation is to make the client happy they choose him for their project.

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Lewitt LCT 440 Pure, Audient iD22, Custom PC 64Gb Ram, 8TB SSD

Warm, Kind, Natural, Motivating, Genuine