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Rivka is known for her friendly, approachable, and conversational sound. She has a natural knack for explainer videos because of this tone, yet also boasts a range and versatility that allows her to navigate other realms of voice over just as easily. Her voice has booked gigs in different accents, for kids voices and content, and for singing, among other things. Rivka helps the client find the sound he or she is looking for, while staying true and authentic to the story being told. She speaks fluent German, specializes in American, British, and Neutral or Transatlantic English, can play a range of ages from 4-35, and is a professional singer. With her strong background in acting, singing, and voice over, over 15 years of experience behind the microphone, and a commitment to excellence in all realms, you can be confident in Rivka's ability to deliver exactly the story you are hoping to share with your audience.

Recording Set-Up

vocal booth, Neumann TLM 102, Sennheiser MKE 600, Reaper, Focusrite Scarlett Solo

conversational, friendly, confident, warm, bright