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Native Accent

Transatlantic, International, Global, Neutral, Non-descript + Hindi

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Global voice for a global world! I have an international / world accent. Most people are unable to place my accent. My accent is called Transatlantic, intercontinental, global, neutral, non-descript. A few adjectives frequently used to describe my voice, tone and style are - Sophisticated. Professional. Upscale. Luxurious. Engaging. Clear. Soothing. Warm. Sultry.
Years of experience in the corporate world has allowed me to develop a keen insight into what clients need and want.
Years of experience in entertainment as a writer-director-producer has given me the skill and flair for story-telling.
I have used my experience to give voice to major international clients.
My heritage is Indian, so I can easily lean my accent to English-Indian.
I also speak fluent Hindi and am able to translate scripts between English and Hindi.

Recording Set-Up

I have a professional home studio decked out with Roxul (high density rock wool) insulation and acoustic foam tiles. My recording tools are Rode NT1-A Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) Audio Interface and Adobe Audition. Unless directed otherwise, I always edit and deliver all VO files as compressed, normalized, broadcast-quality, ready-to-use audio clips. I ALWAYS back up all my work, so your original project files are safe with me.

Sophisticated, Professional, Luxurious, Engaging, Clear