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English with my accentDimitris
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TV, Radio & CommercialDimitris
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Native Accent

Native Greek, Ancient Greek, Katharevousa Greek

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Deep, South East European Accent


Hello,My name is Dimitris and i have almost 20 years of experience in Voiceover industry.
I m professional Actor since 1999.
I have clients like,IKEA Greece, Gilead, GSK, University of California...
I have my own professional studio, fully equipped and I can deliver excellent sound quality in any format.
I m available 24/7 to deliver your project ASAP!!!

Recording Set-Up

Octava mic MKL 5000, Adobe Audition, Fucusrite 2i2, 12 RAM, AKUSTIK - GIPS art2 , SINTHERM FR , STRATOCELL WHISPER FR , Professional Booth

Deep, Prestige, professional voice, narration, man next door, Voice of God