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Natural & ConversationalStephanie
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TV, Radio & CommercialStephanie
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Native Language


Native Accent

Standard Canadian Accent and Standard American Accent. Best of both worlds!

Other Languages


Best Friend, Valley Girl, The Queen, Hippie, Minnesota Housewife, Old Woman.


Take your project to the next level with Stephanie's friendly, confident, professional voice over! With 10+ years experience, Stephanie has an incredible work ethic and talent to give a voice to your project that will make you stand out in the crowd.

With clients all around the globe, Stephanie is a voice over pro that companies keep coming back to because of her passion, talent and ability to make a project amazing. Her voice is described as warm, friendly, girl next door, professional, welcoming, pleasant, dynamic.

In order for Stephanie to do her best work, she requires a finished script and if possible, an idea of the voice the client is hoping for. For example; "we want this to sound like you are talking to your best friend." or, "We would like this read upbeat, happy, excited." Once Stephanie has the script and directions, she will get to work in her studio, creating the best voice over for the project within the client's timeframe. An edited, professional voice over will be sent to the client for review. With every project, Stephanie welcomes feedback and notes. She is always striving to improve and looks forward to making sure each project is exactly what the client is hoping for.

There are only happy clients when working with Stephanie. She will go above and beyond to make sure the project is the best that it can be!

Recording Set-Up

Rode NT1A mic with Scarlett Interface. Using Audacity and Garageband software to edit.

Friendly, Confident, Professional, Welcoming, Dynamic.