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Venice, Italy

Friendly, Elegant, Approachable

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Explainers & AnimationsAdriana
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English with my accentAdriana
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Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Adriana is a distinguished Italian voice artist and vocalist based in Venice, Italy. Known for her naturally friendly, engaging, and elegant approach, Adriana brings a unique charm to every project. She specializes in commercial, e-learning, and corporate narration, delivering high-quality voiceovers that captivate and inform.

Adriana's voice, characterized by its warm and clear tone, is ideal for a variety of applications. In the commercial sector, she brings a lively and persuasive energy that effectively captures audience attention. Her instructional tone in e-learning modules makes complex information easily understandable, while her authoritative voice enhances corporate videos and presentations.

Fluent in English with an Italian accent, Adriana offers a distinctive and approachable sound that resonates well with international audiences. Her dynamic range and ability to convey emotion make her an excellent choice for television and radio ads, as well as video narrations.

Adriana’s versatility allows her to adapt to various characters and tones, from youthful and energetic to mature and soothing. Her dedication to her craft and professional approach ensure top-notch performances every time.

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