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Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Glasgow, Scotland

Warm, Trustworthy, Corporate

English with my accentAlison
00:00 / 12:56:31
Natural & ConversationalAlison
00:00 / 6:22:25
TV, Radio & CommercialAlison
00:00 / 18:37:36

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Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Alison is one of Scotland’s most recognisable female voices, boasting over 20 years of experience in the voice acting industry. Alison has a naturally light Glaswegian accent with a warm, trustworthy tone. Her warm, sincere, and trustworthy voice has been the cornerstone of hundreds of projects, including radio and TV commercials, corporate videos, animations, in-store announcements, telephone on-hold and IVR systems, eLearning modules, public address systems, and station platform announcements.

With a professional and friendly demeanor, Alison's voice resonates with honesty and reliability, making her a favorite among prestigious clients such as NHS, AXA, Ford, Scotrail, Scottish Widows, and Halifax Bank of Scotland.

Alison’s extensive portfolio and versatile vocal abilities ensure she can deliver high-quality performances tailored to any project’s needs. Whether you require a friendly and engaging tone for a commercial or a professional and sincere voice for a corporate video, Alison brings unmatched expertise and warmth to every project, making her the ideal choice for your voice-over needs.

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