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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Southeastern US

Youthful, Versatile, Corporate

Explainers & AnimationsCass
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Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Ash Ketchum (Pokemon), Applejack (MLP), Toddler, Young Boy, Young Girl, Teen, Seductress, Villain, Southerner, Midwesterner

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Recording booth

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

With a non-region-specific North American accent, Cass is highly versatile for character work. She is a versatile and experienced voice artist with a reputation for prompt turnaround and exceptional vocal range. Her voice effortlessly transitions across various age groups and tones, bringing characters to life.

Animation: Cass excels at delivering performances for audiences ranging from toddlers to adults in their 40s. Whether the role requires a silly, playful tone or a more serious demeanour, her adaptability makes her a top choice for animated projects.

Commercials: With a youthful and bright voice, Cass can embody the energy of a perky teen or the warmth of a kind, young mother. Her engaging and relatable sound enhances commercial messages, making them memorable and effective.

Narration: Cass's narration skills are equally impressive. She can range from the cute and charming voice of a child to the mature and authoritative tone needed for corporate content. Her ability to go from youthful and energetic to soothing and mature ensures she can meet the demands of any project.

Cass's unique combination of vocal versatility and professional reliability makes her an outstanding voice artist for a wide range of applications, from animation and commercials to narration and beyond.

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