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Natural & ConversationalSamantha
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Native Accent

Millennial, General American, Standard, Neutral

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young boy, young girl, anime teen, princess, valley girl, elderly woman


With just under a decade in the industry, Samantha thrives behind the mic where it's her job to make silly faces and gesture with her hands.

Her sound is authentic millennial, whimsical and bright, relatable and genuine with a touch of sass or snark, if requested. She has mastered the classic and sought after "talking to a friend" read, but will always add her own twist. She voices everything from eLearning modules to explainer videos to commercials and cartoons. Samantha is a native English speaker, residing in New York.

Accents include: General American, Transatlantic or Mid-Atlantic, New York, California, and General American Southern and Midwestern. She has also tackled many a European accent - Italian, Polish, General Irish, RP, Cockney, Russian and German, but usually for character work, only.

With Samantha's theatre background, she can build a variety of layered characters - from curmudgeonly crass elderly women to cute animal toys for kids to teen pop princesses and fun, energetic young boys, she can fight or sing her way into the hearts of listeners. You may already have played as her in well known video games or chuckled with your kids at her cartoon personalities.

Recording Set-Up

Custom-built, broadcast-quality, double-paned booth / Mics: Sennheiser 416 and Warm Audio 87 (large diaphragm condenser). Interface: Steinberg UR242

Bright, Conversational, Engaging, Authentic, Hip