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I am a native German speaking voice artist with more than twenty years of experience working in feature film, broadcast television, radio and advertising.

I bring charisma, confidence and warmth to each and every project I take on.

Drawing on my extensive creative and technical expertise from working in such diverse fields as documentary, drama, natural history, daytime television, animation, audio book production and radio, I have recorded voice overs for advertising, broadcasting, public service announcement, automated voice systems, training and online video as well as corporate and feature film.

I travel to studios throughout the country and also record, edit and deliver voice overs from my studio in Bristol - both self-directed or produced via remote connection.

Recording Set-Up

Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools Quartet, Sennheiser 416 microphone, ADAM S3V monitor loudspeakers, professional voiceover booth and control room

charismatic, deep, warm, friendly, versatile