TV, Radio & CommercialJoe
00:00 / 4:21:15
TV, Radio & CommercialJoe
00:00 / 13:31:58
00:00 / 27:36:32
TV, Radio & CommercialJoe
00:00 / 8:20:48
Explainers & AnimationsJoe
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English with my accentJoe
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Native Language


Native Accent

Native French, Native Arabic, Fluent English


Crazy Character, Puppet, Evil Character


Native Arabic speaker - Modern Standard Arabic as well as the Lebanese Dialect.
Native French speaker - European French
Fluent English speaker - Either English with a Middle Eastern / International Accent or English with a French Accent.

Voice ranges from Deep, Corporate, Emotional and Warm to Friendly, Inviting, Informative and Casual guy next door.

Deep, Motivational, Emotive, Expressive, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Warm, Emotional, Casual, Friendly, Inviting, Authoritative, Informative,

Recording Set-Up

Iso Booth, Pro Tools 11, Scarlett Saffire 6i6 Interface, Yamaha HS50 Monitors, Neumann U87 mic

Warm, Engaging, Friendly, Sophisticated, Versatile

  • Elearning Voice Overs

  • Text To Speech

  • Video game Voice Actors

  • Explainer Videos

  • Language Course Production

  • Audiobook Narration

  • IVR & Phone Systems

  • Idents and Imaging

  • Radio and TV Commercials

  • UK Voice Over Agency

  • Celebrity Voice Overs & Impressions

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