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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Rome, Italy

Warm, Corporate, Mature

English with my accentElisa
00:00 / 16:41:21
00:00 / 14:51:12
TV, Radio & CommercialElisa
00:00 / 22:33:08

Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Elisa is an Italian actress and voice-over talent who is recording in Italian and English. Her voice is mature, deep, and warm. Her native Italian accent is North Italian and she can deliver well-spoken English with a European or Italian accent. Elisa's acting background led her into voice acting and she has a professional home studio in Rome with the possibility to connect through Zoom, Skype, or any other video call platform. Elisa has delivered over 300 projects in the last decade with brands such as Swissquote, Babbel, Google, Bumble, Idealo, Amazon, Wizz Air. Elisa has voiced TV and web ads, e-learning projects, documentaries, YouTube courses, and more.

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