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Energetic, professional, and friendly Glen is a highly experienced voice actor based in Melbourne, Australia, with a neutral Australian accent. For over a decade, Glen has been captivating audiences with his dynamic vocal talent. His extensive experience working with high-profile clients like Fox, Lego, and Nike showcases his ability to deliver world-class voiceovers.
Glen's dynamic voice ranges from casual, warm, and friendly to formal, knowledgeable, and informative. It is characterised by its corporate professionalism, light-hearted charm, and powerful delivery. Glen excels in bringing scripts to life whether you need a knowledgeable and informative narrator for a documentary, a funny and friendly tone for a commercial, or an authoritative and authentic voice for corporate presentations.
Glen's ability to produce believable, casual, and engaging voiceovers quickly and efficiently has made him a standout choice for various projects, from voice talent for corporate videos and commercials to educational content. His background in comedy and radio plays, helps Geln to excel in his character voices. Glen is the perfect choice for a versatile and professional voice actor to elevate your project.

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A friendly sounding, professional, and versatile Australian VO.

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