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Jason W

Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Beijing, China

Charming, Natural, Confident.

TV, Radio & CommercialJason W
00:00 / 18:43:13
Natural & ConversationalJason W
00:00 / 14:59:12
CorporateJason W
00:00 / 18:17:36

Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Fashion, authority, Confident and conversational.

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

I Have my studio, equipped with professional recording types of equipments, such as U87, Fireface UC and EL8.

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Jason W is a premier native Chinese Mandarin male voice artist based in Beijing, mainland China. He is known for his charming, natural, and confident tone. With a voice that exudes authority and sophistication, Jason's style is perfect for advertising, commercial, and e-learning voice-over projects. Whether you need a voice that is both confident and approachable or polished and commanding, Jason's versatile voiceover tone and style can meet your needs.
With a wealth of experience in recording Simplified Chinese and Mandarin scripts for a wide range of media, Jason is a seasoned professional in the voiceover industry. His adaptability and professionalism are evident in the diverse projects he has successfully delivered.
What truly sets him apart is the impact his voice has on the audience. Clients describe Jason's voice as compellingand engaging, a voice that draws in listeners and delivers your message with clarity and impact. A native Mandarin speaker, his versatile vocal talent means you can trust him to deliver a performance that will elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

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